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Post children's jokes

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Jokes stimulate children's good humor, encourage laughter, develop vocabulary, and amuse them. Jokes are good tools to elicit good, big smiles from children.

We believe that laughter not only expresses joy and happiness, but improves mood and unites the family. A few days after birth, approximately 3 months of age, the baby develops the ability to laugh. Babies often respond with laughter to hide-and-seek games and by appearing and disappearing (for example, when the father puts a diaper on his or her head, not letting him see, and then uncovers himself and says 'cucutras' Later, there are games that make children laugh and when they start the school year, they get to know the jokes.

We believe that together we will be able to do many little things ... Therefore, if you know of a joke that we still do not have, we invite you to publish it here and we can share it with other parents.

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