Abuse in toy prices

Abuse in toy prices

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This morning the mailbox of the portal of my house was so full that I could no longer carry so many advertising brochures. December is yet to come and Christmas is even more, but the magazines of the stores with the toy sales are already beginning to circulate. Parents get ready because prices are through the roof.

Let the Magi say it!

Taking a walk on the Net, I found a very timely post, which talks about what I mean now. Its reproduction seemed funny to me, more than anything because like me, surely many parents share the opinion of Chuso, the author of the blog.

Who has had the opportunity to travel outside of Spain, knows that the price of toys here exceeds and often destroys any illusion that a child may have.

My daughter this year tells us that she is going to order, in other things, some All Star Converse sneakers, very fashionable among those of her age, but do you know what these sneakers cost here? While in the United States they can get it for about 10 euros, here it costs 6 times more.

I believe that we must not only be vigilant and be demanding about the safety and quality that toys and other products offer to our children, as well as about what they cost and what each one of them is really worth. First of all, a lot of criteria.

Well, but let's go to the article, published in The Big Bang Blog, and which is entitled Gifts for Kings: Warning to the Three Wise Men and navigators! Before buying gifts for kings in the usual shops, you may be interested in knowing that:

- While we pay 35 euros for the Ball swallower, 28 euros for the Operation, 42 for the Risk... the British are going to pay 10, 14 and 20 euros, respectively.

- While we pay 23 euros for the book Steve Jobs: The Biography, 24 euros for The fear of a wise manor 17.5 euros for Dawn... Americans are going to pay 10, 12 and 8 euros, respectively.

- While we will pay 432 euros for the Canon EOS 40D, or 140 euros for the Wii, in the USA they will pay 360 and 109 euros, respectively.

These are just some of the most representative examples. However, we will pay for a kilo of Jamón de Jabugo 5J at about 60 euros, while they at 135 euros. Conclusion: Spain is a country of acorn trees. And my question is, and you, what do you think of all that? Do you buy everything your son asks for in the letter to the Magi with your eyes blindfolded?

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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