Saint Onofre's Day, June 12. Names for boys

Saint Onofre's Day, June 12. Names for boys

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Onofre is a name for a boy of Egyptian origin that means "the one who achieves happiness". It is a very original name with a meaning that will mark the personality of your child for good.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Onofre is not old-fashioned or eccentric, but rather brings a very special touch of dignity and mystery. He celebrates his name day on June 12, which is Saint Onofre's day.

Due to the meaning of his name, Onofre has a charismatic personality full of wit and creativity. Onofre triumphs in social relationships because of his kind and friendly spirit, but he is not without seriousness when facing problems and acquiring family responsibilities.

The name Onofre is known throughout the world, although at no time has it been one of the most frequent names, something that maintains its freshness and originality. We know its variant in Italian Onofiro and its familiar forms Nofri or Noferi, all of them very valid for your child.

Because it is not a widely used name, the first character that comes to mind with the name of your son is Santo Onofre, surrounded by a spectacular legend that tells that his father, convinced by the devil, placed his son among the flames of a fire to check if he was a legitimate son. Obviously, Onofre did not suffer any injuries and there the whole legend arose.

But we also know the one who was the great diffuser of flamenco Onofre López and in literature, the name of your son is part of one of the fundamental titles of the picaresque genre, with the novel by Gregorio González, "El Guitón Onofre".

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