Trip to Berlin with children, guide for the whole family

Trip to Berlin with children, guide for the whole family

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Berlin is a baby-friendly city, that is, adapted to the maximum to make life easier for families with children. This is evident, for example, in its Kinder Cafés, places to eat or have a drink where children can play in safe environments and enjoy special menus for them.

Huge sidewalks, facilities to get around by bike or public transport or the wide range of hotels and apartments ideal for children are other advantages of Berlin.

Berlin has a lot to offer and not just for young children. Interesting museums, the Berlin wall, the Holocaust monument, underground tours of Berlin shelters, shopping of all kinds in a cosmopolitan and transgressive city like few others, Berlin pubs, the Reichstag, parks, the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world. world, currywurst, the Brandenburg Gate, the zoo, Berlin beers etc.

Berlin displays an interesting mix of past and future in its classic and flamboyant atmosphere. Its people, its gastronomy, its architecture, its design and culture successfully mix all kinds of styles. That is why a simple walk through the lively and bustling streets of the German capital becomes a new experience.

Find out about all the essential aspects of the city of Berlin and prepare your trip with children in detail thanks to our family travel guide to Berlin. Discover Berlin!

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