Online gymnastics at home and for the whole family

Online gymnastics at home and for the whole family

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Good habits in childhood are acquired in the family, in living with parents and in the example that they transmit to their children. The habit of doing physical exercise, gymnastics and taking care of health should be instilled in children from a very young age.

Many times, for economic reasons, time or proximity to a gym, we end up without leaving home. To encourage and push those who want to exercise and do not do it for some reason, it has been created Ictiva, an online gym platform for the whole family. It seemed to me the most innovative.

To get started, you can access Ictiva from your computer, smartTV, smartphone or tablet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 21 disciplines to choose from, such as dance, aerobics, steps, belly dance, etc. Each 20-minute session is led by professional and qualified instructors who guide and accompany you at all times. In addition, it allows you to graduate the intensity of your exercises and evaluate your progression through graphs.

Not only dads and pregnant women can enjoy these activities as well as babies and children. There are gratifying proposals for the smallest of the house and that at the same time help them and improve their psychic and affective development. There are classes on how to stimulate and enjoy with babies in the water, as well as a series of both stimulating and relaxing massages for them. Massages to improve congested chest, for the belly, to relieve colds, stimulate legs and feet, and many others.

Ictiva is also associated with Familyes, the video platform for the family on YouTube, in which our magazine is a partner. If you wish, you can see a video excerpt of each class, in the profile of Ictiva on Youtube or visit their portal. Below you will see one of them, about postpartum gymnastics:

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