Potty training girls

Potty training girls

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Are girls really easier to potty train than boys?

Yes, although no one seems to know just why. In her book Toilet Learning, author Alison Mack says the difference may be at least partially due to the fact that moms tend to be the primary potty-trainers in a family. If that's the case, the skill may click a little sooner for girls because they have the advantage of observing someone with the same equipment.

Is there anything special I should know about potty training my daughter?

The only gender-specific tip you need to know is a carryover from your diapering days: Wipe from front to back. As you teach your daughter all the steps of potty training, make sure she knows to move the toilet paper from front to back when she wipes herself. This helps prevent bacteria from coming into contact with the sensitive skin of her vagina, keeping her infection-free.

FYI: Bladder infections, while not common, seem to be more likely in girls around the time of potty training. If your daughter needs to urinate frequently, finds urination painful, wets her pants after having established good bladder control, has abdominal pain, or feels a sudden, urgent need to pee, call her healthcare provider.

What if she wants to try standing up?

If your daughter has seen her older brother, her father, or one of her friends from preschool or daycare stand tall at the toilet, she'll more than likely want to give it a whirl as well. Let her. Sure, you'll have to clean up a couple of messes, but she'll probably get the idea fairly quickly that she doesn't have the equipment to make it work, and you won't have to engage her in a power struggle. If she persists, have her watch you and explain how mommies and their daughters like to sit down to pee.



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